E-marisha Program

E-marisha Program

Break Margins Africa (BMA) acknowledges the value of education and entrepreneurial skills and the reality that there are many capable marginalised and needy young men from challenging backgrounds who do not have the opportunity to pursue higher education. BMA is pleased to run a need-based scholarship program.

While the government provides free public education for all children in primary schools, the rate of transition to high school is still wanting. Marginalised communities, often find themselves disadvantaged in accessing education. Parents and guardians have on several occasions discontinued their children from education for one reason or another.

In this program, selected marginalised and needy young men are offered scholarships to pursue a course of their choice in middle level colleges within Nairobi in order to enhance professional and technical skills as well as entrepreneurial skills that prepare them for the job market and to help them venture into entrepreneurship. 

So far various individuals have earned diplomas certificates in courses such as Electrical Engineering; Coffee Barrister; Heavy Machinery and Plant Operation; Food Production; ICT; Hairdressing; Business Management and Administration; Food Production; Community Development and Social Work; Counselling Psychology; and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) among others.

We also recognize not every individual who comes to us is academically oriented. In this light, few individuals are selected on a case by case basis to benefit from BMA’s small business startups. This is a culmination of an in-house entrepreneurship training tailor made to meet specific needs.

Beneficiaries of E-Marisha Program are able to secure employment, while others establish small businesses which help them realize stable income restoring hope and dignity in their lives.