School Visits – To ensure that our beneficiaries attend classes; regular follow-ups for beneficiaries in their respective colleges/schools without prior notice from the beneficiaries are conducted on a regular basis by BMA staff.

Home Visits – BMA conducts home visits to assess eligibility of its beneficiary to receive material welfare support

Monthly Meetings – BMA conducts skills-training to help the beneficiaries cope with stress and other challenges that are school related.

Mentorship Program – Throughout our program is a continuous accompaniment to mentor beneficiaries and to give them support as they go through our program. This is done at individual or group level.

Group Counselling Sessions – All beneficiaries meet with a professional counselor twice a month for a group counseling sessions

Individual Counseling Sessions – During the monthly group sessions, BMA identifies individuals needing private counseling sessions and schedules these sessions with our professional counselor. Individual beneficiaries are also welcome to request sessions with the counselor.

Spiritual Mentorship – Woven throughout our programs is an ongoing focus on spiritual formation, which is an approach that integrates body, mind, emotions, and the spirit and assists beneficiaries develop a greater understanding of their self within the context of a greater whole.

Handicraft Work – Individuals go through handcraft training where they make an assortment of bracelets, rosaries, necklaces, earrings etc.

Welfare Support – BMA provides food items, clothing, and basic household items for eligible beneficiaries upon request.

Team Building – BMA conducts occasional outdoor activities to enhance cohesion, solidarity and harmony among its beneficiaries.

Life Skills Training – These training are done twice a month alongside group counselling sessions.