• Innate potential – We believe every individual is a protagonist of their own lives, and within them is the potential to build their desired lives.

• Empowerment – This potential can be enhanced by strengthening their agency that gives them the capacity to shape the desired life

• Inclusivity – We believe in providing equal access to opportunities and resources for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

• Holistic – Integral approaches that incorporate all aspects of human person should be employed to ensure holistic growth.

• Family spirit – a round table approach where everyone feels seen, heard, understood and their needs met by a supportive peer irrespective of their diversity.

• Purpose-led – Finding purpose and meaning for one’s life enhances resilience, happiness, and productive living.

• Compassion – We believe in caring for one another by fostering hope through listening, understanding and loving kindness.


Our focus is fundamentally on economic empowerment, mental health, and entrepreneurship training.

― Break Margins Africa