Mental Health and Wellness

 Counselling: Stable mental and emotional state is key in helping people achieve their dreams, as well as lead a holistic life. Most of our members come from challenging backgrounds, which requires psychological interventions to help them deal with their pains for them to face life in a healthy way within themselves and in their interaction with others. At BMA we provide both group counselling and individualized professional counselling. This approach has significantly helped individuals develop higher self confidence levels, cope with day-to-day challenges, reunite with estranged family members among others. Besides face-to-face counselling, we also offer online counselling services.

Advocacy: We conduct mental health awareness campaigns to sensitize the community on the need for and access to mental health services. This is done through trainings and value-clarification workshops particularly to community actors like counsellors, teachers, religious leaders, and social workers.

Social Support: BMA is structured in a way that family spirit is felt throughout her operations. This is a concept in which her members feel a symbiotic sense of belonging and care, in a group that affirms their authentic selves in a way that they are able to fully express themselves as well as promote healthy development that helps them, and other members achieve their potential.

Mentorship – BMA journeys with her beneficiaries in their career development process through life skills training, career guidance, and professional development.